Picsolve’s in-house technical team comprises engineers, technicians and developers, all working together to provide innovative hardware and software solutions. Blending creativity with commercial acumen, our team adopts an adaptable and flexible approach, without compromising on quality. This continual process of research and development ensures that our products and services are second to none.

Our robust approach to design allows us to provide ride-camera systems for virtually any attraction, whether it requires a single-shot to be taken, or indeed, several pictures to be taken in split-seconds. Our unique high-speed multi-shot cameras are accurate to the millisecond to create perfectly framed shots for even the fastest of roller coaster rides. Working in sync with other components such as our high-power flash system, Picsolve’s technology ensures that every rider in every seat is captured in a pin-point sharp, perfectly composed shot.

All of our camera systems are housed in unobtrusive waterproof housings – just one of the ways in which picture quality is guaranteed, irrespective of environmental conditions. Our cameras are tolerant of changing weather and lighting conditions, thanks to continuous image analysis which provides feedback to the camera control functions. This ensures optimum picture quality at all times.

Rides are just one aspect of our portfolio! We also offer a multitude of other alternative photography options for a visitor attraction. These include walkabout services, self-service kiosks and photo-studios, as well as green screen sets. Our innovative GSX green screen combines multiple layers of video in real time, to fully immerse a guest in a virtual environment. The technology behind the GSX means that it is more than just a photo opportunity; it is an experience in itself, in which a visitor is green-screened into a movie.

Photos are previewed and purchased in a variety of ways. Where applicable, we make use of RFID, barcodes and wristbands to associate guests to their photos. A sales area – which can be located far away from the capture system itself – contains arrays of large HD monitors to display pictures to excited guests. We can also bring up a visitor’s pictures on counter-top preview screens. The display and sale of photos is supported by custom designed software, tailored specifically to attraction photography. This user-friendly software can be used for a single system, or can be designed to support park wide operation. Such systems can be accessed remotely in order to obtain vital sales reports and performance data.

The innovative technology supports the whole customer journey: the entire sales process is efficient and effective, such that capture and conversion rates are maximised and guests are supplied with their products in seconds. We are also actively embracing digital media, with the launch of USB and to-mobile offerings and the development of a brand new online redemption site where photos can be claimed, downloaded and shared on social media websites.