Our 2020 Vision

What does the future hold for the leisure and entertainment industry?

As ticket prices soar how can theme parks, attractions and their suppliers continue to add value and enhance the guest experience.

With headlines such as “The most expensive place on earth?” (Daily Mail Online, 24th Feb 2014), it is easy to understand the frustration felt by guests wanting to experience fun and thrills during the day at an attraction or theme park, at affordable prices. Disney must be forgiven for the price hike this year given their investment of $1.4 billion in new wristband technology, giving guests an improved experience during their visit. However Disney are looking to recoup some of this through increased spend on park through F&B and souvenirs.

The questions begs to be asked “Can we really expect visitors to keep on spending?” To offset the
cost of high ticket prices, how can we add value to the experience? In answer to this we conducted a short survey with a select panel of consumers asking how they felt about all inclusive photography as part of the ticket price and got some eye-opening results.

Over 98% of customers expressed an interest in an all-inclusive digital photography package as part of their entry price, with over 95% saying that if an attraction advertised “free digital
photos” included in their visit they would be more likely to buy it. 100% of guests found free photography either highly appealing or appealing.

The three most powerful reasons being; Not having to spend more money on the day, being able to collect all photos to share with friends and family (96% want to do this online) and importantly, good value for money.

These results suggest this offering has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool to consumers. Let’s not forget the power of social media, for the staggering... 96% of people that want to share photos online... (this still being the second most popular on-line activity along with watching videos) it’s mind-blowing to think of the potential reach of these amazing moments at theme parks and attractions around the globe.

Our Predictions

  • By 2020 the average guest will post at least 5 photos of their trip during their time at the venue.
  • By 2020 we anticipate 75% of global parks and attractions will only offer digital image solutions
  • By 2020 ‘all inclusive’ will be an expectation of guests rather than a nice to have
  • By 2020 any park without a digital solution will risk losing 50% of their potential revenue.