Award Winning Green Screen (GSX)


Picsolve was awarded first place for Best New Product* in the 2012 IAAPA Brass Rings Awards for our new Green Screen Experience (GSX) technology. Read more

Picsolve provides a studio grade Green Screen Experience (GSX) solution for a successful Chroma key product. We have established our global leadership in this area offering full animation creation, system design, lighting, installation and retailing services. We have existing and planned installations with global brand leaders offering experiences that immerse the consumers and create amazing moments they want to purchase.

Pictures taken against either a green or blue screen can then be super imposed to make the visitor seem like they're doing the impossible. The image is merged into a background shot to produce a picture that no one could take. Visitors can ride a broom over Hogwarts, do a school run with Peppa Pig, pose with Ice Age characters, be in the Barcelona Football Team…the possibilities are endless…

GSX v3 uses studio grade media servers and offers multiple layer animations and great consumer experiences. This ‘Create’ product offers our clients a new revenue stream as can be placed anywhere on location where strong footfall exists and theming is relevant.  Picsolve will be launching GSX to video and mobile in March 2013