Interactive Green Screen to Video

As well as using the latest technology to provide still image capture, using
studio grade green screen technology we can make this exciting and
immersive experience available on video via DVD and HD USB - Great for
social sharing!


Our global leadership in this area is underlined by our comprehensive solutions that incorporate creative animation, system design, lighting, installation and retailing services.

As part of our immersive Green Screen Video Experience we are continuing to develop more interactive
and unique experiences, using augmented reality technology and sensory controllers to immerse
guests into a multi-layered interactive video experience.

Retail Expertise - We provide flexible retail options to purchase video footage of the experience
including USB and DVD products.

Key Features
Industry Leaders
We have existing and planned installations globally, delivering experiences that excite guests and
creating amazing moments they want to purchase and share.

Extending The Experience
Our GSX solutions can incorporate themed props and sensory features to increase guest engagement.

Tech Specs
Integrated Controllers
Our GSX solutions allow for the addition of extra sensory features.

More Realistic Camera Experience
Ability to add multiple live camera inputs for a 360° experience.

Superior Performance
Utilising studio grade media servers for a more professional output