Ride Photography

With 20 years of experience, we are the world leader in designing, installing and retailing ride photography; we capture over 100 million images every year from our 500+ installations around the globe.

Key product offerings are:

We are constantly developing our ride photography systems to provide our partners with the very
latest in highspeed image technology solutions. Our latest innovation in camera systems is our
first combined single and multi-shot camera. On high speed rides, its multi-shot burst capabilities
enable us to capture every single row on a ride individually, ensuring that every rider in every seat
is captured in a pin-point sharp,perfectly composed shot.

Branded Solutions
We work with experienced graphic designers to develop vibrant branded overlays to create high quality products. 
We deliver these via a variety of bespoke mechandise options, giving your guests every reason to
purchase time and time again!

Key Features
Automatic Environment Control
Our ride cameras feature intelligent iris control, allowing them to automatically adjust to environmental and external influencers such as weather and lighting.

Seamlessly Integrated Design
Featuring sleek housing, our next generation camera system is unobtrusive and tidy.

Tech Specs
No Motion Blur

Our shutterless digital cameras can capture images fast enough to obtain pin sharp pictures on rides
moving up to 120km/h.

Perfect Shots Come Rain Or Shine
Our cameras feature a new generation of multi-shot flash system.

Get The Best Shot, Delivered Quickly
Using the latest fibre-optic technology, images are transferred from capture to sales within seconds.