Walkabout Photography

We provide professional walkabout photographers who are equipped with the
latest technology, allowing them to capture amazing moments of your guests
at any location.

Our roaming solutions help integrate photography with the rest of the park, delivering a more connected experience for your guests.

Photographic Excellence
Our professional photographers are trained to take the ‘perfect’ photo, often framing iconic shots to ensure that the guest’s memory reflects their experience. Walkabout photography appeals to a broader range of guests such as groups and families. It also provides a welcome and alternative
option for a photo that is noton a high-speed rollercoaster!

Key Features
Flexible Purchasing Options
Pictures taken via our walkabout operations can be purchased and claimed in several ways. We use various technical and operational solutions to suit your needs, including barcodes

Tech Specs
High Spec Hardware
Our highly professional photographers are all equipped with professional grade camera systems.

PhotoTag Integration
Walkabout photography products can be associated to our PhotoTag barcodes and wristbands, creating a more connected guest experience.

Cloud Based Redemption
Walkabout photography products are available via our digital platform and Picsolve App.