Water Park Photography

Taking traditional water park products to the next level, we provide a complete
image capture and distribution offering to water parks across the globe.

We offer the world’s only ‘automated’ water park imagery capture solution. Our technology allows automated photo capture on water park rides. Using sensors on chutes we are able to trigger image capture based on metrics such as time or water flow calculations.

Capturing Iconic Images
Engineering innovation has enabled us to capture iconic moments that have previously been deemed too challenging, including the infamous Leap of Faith shot at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

We also achieved an industry and photography first by capturing shots of Atlantis’s unique trapdoor waterslide, Poseidon’s Revenge.

Key Features
PhotoTag Compatibility
Photos taken can be associated to PhotoTag wristbands which are handed out to each guest upon
entry to the park.

Seamless Retail Experience
Guests can review and order their photography quickly and easily, using the PhotoTag barcode on
their wristband.

Retail Innovation
Our understanding of a water park environment, is that it demands the need for a seamless guest experience. Using fully connected association technology, we have developed a platform which allowsa guest to ‘collect’ photos taken of them throughout the day, via the association to a barcoded wristband.

How It Works
At the water park, guests are handed a wristband at the beginning of their day. They then have their wristband scanned at various photography ‘capture points’ around the water park. Wristbands can store hundreds of images which can be viewed or purchased on park exit via touch screen kiosks that enable self-service or assisted
service retailing.

Walkabout Photography
We also provide walkabout photography services at water parks, guests can use their PhotoTag wristband to associate photos they have had taken around the park during their visit. This is also a greatservice for groups
and families.

Tech Specs
Pioneering Technology
Our technology is a world first, capable of capturing challenging shots previously deemed impossible.

Increased Guest Spend
By creating a more seamless photography experience for guests, we are able to deliver a high spend per head.

Advanced Technology
Automated photo capture facilities are installed on all rides to get the perfect shot every time.